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Sierra Boake

Forest Guardian

Design Notes

The concept behind this design was to create a ranger-type character. I wanted the costume to reflect a very distinct culture, so that the clothes tell a story. The embroidered train and mask are represent a rite-of-passage for this fantastical culture--the mask specific to each family/clan, and the train symbolic of the promise each warrior makes to defend their land. 

I also wanted the costume to have a certain practicality to it--there are functional pouches and pockets on this costume that can hold a number of items. The clothes are easy to move in, and the ceremonial train can be hooked up at the back for ease of movement. 

The design had a few iterations before I settled on the coloured rendering in the gallery below. Even after I finished the design phase and moved on to the build, there were changes made to the design to make theIn the initial design, the quiver was hung across the back, however practically it did not work with the cape & hood. Instead it was shifted to the hip, which in my research I discovered is actually how Olympic archers prefer to secure their quivers. 

Costume: Forest Guardian

Costume Source: Original Design

Designed By: Sierra Boake

Completed: May 2014

Photography Credit: Mike Kowalek / EleventhPhotograph

Costume Notes

This was my first foray into embroidery. It took me hundreds of hours to hand-embroider the 8ft panel with all the woodland creatures. It was an interesting challenge for me to create the different textures--to make long haired animals look different to feathered animals, while still keeping a consistent style. 

I also built all the props and accessories. The mask was first sculpted over a plaster cast of my face. Then I molded and cast my sculpt so that it would be form fitting to my face.

The bow is made of hardwood, cut on a bandsaw. It does not draw (bend) like a real bow, but it looks pretty convincing in photographs.

This photoshoot was done in the middle of February on a windy, snowy, -16 evening. 

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