Costume Notes

A collaboration between myself and my sister (the designer), this pair of costumes presented the challenge of making cartoon-y tails, wings and ears. 

The ears are made of foam, covered in fabric and sewn directly into the wigs. The tails are made of pipe insulation tubing, with a wire frame to make them posable. They are built into a belt structure to attach them. The wings are also covered foam, but built into the back of each apron. They are also over a posable wire structure. 

Costume: Kero & Suppi

Costume Source: CardCaptor Sakura

Costumes Designed By: Alex Boake

 Based on the Character Designs By: CLAMP

Completed: July 2013

Photography Credit: Mike Kowalek / EleventhPhotograph

Kero & Suppi

Sierra Boake © 2016

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