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Sierra Boake

Design Notes

This design is for My Fair Lady, the musical, set in 1913, which was the year Pygmalion, by George Bernard Shaw debuted on the stage. The design for this set was centered around the archway, that I placed on an elevated turntable that rotates to create the different settings--both indoors and outdoors. The arch was a recurring theme I found in my research of early 1900s London. Set pieces and set decoration are added to create each scene: from Higgin's study to Covent Garden. 

Model Notes

The model box was constructed using foam core and black illustration board. The set pieces are made of white illustration board, foam core and some wooden dowel. I painted these for the final model using acrylic paints. The human figures of Eliza and Professor Higgins are drawn and coloured with copic markers. 

Set: My Fair Lady

Designed By: Sierra Boake

Model By: Sierra Boake

Completed: May 2015

My Fair Lady