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Sierra Boake

Sakura & Tomoyo

Costume Notes

I greatly enjoyed bringing these iconic characters from a classic Japanese animation to life. The designs by CLAMP are simple looking, but require clean lines an precision to execute. 

I had to create a massive petticoat crinoline to put under this dress, which is a 1.5 circle skirt--and even then, it could have been even pouffier. All of the garments for both characters I patterned from scratch myself. The wings are upholstery foam with a fabric cover over a wire under structure. 

I built Sakura's magic wand myself. It is made from a wooden dowel, with a sculpted head made of insulation foam and apoxie sculpt.

Costume: Sakura & Tomoyo

Costume Source: CardCaptor Sakura

Designed By: CLAMP

Completed: May 2015

Photography Credit: Mike Kowalek / EleventhPhotograph