Costume Notes

This project was a collaboration between myself and 7 other costumers. Tasks were divided to ensure that the group had a cohesive look. Individuals created their own character costumes to be distinctive choosing colour and accessories. Many items were purchased and altered to recreate the customizable street fashions the characters wear in the game.

My group contribution was to create the tentacle hats. I took a different approach to this paint job, watering down my fabric paint and applying it more like watercolour. I did a final spattered layer of straight fabric paint to add to the speckled effect. I wanted to achieve an uneven, splotchy gradient at the tips, with an underlying spotted look. This style was inspired by the initial character art for this video game, rather than the in-game graphics. 

Credit for the weapons goes to Adrien Stuart, credit for the tanks goes to Brian McKissock. 

Costume: Inklings

Costume Source: Splatoon

 Based on the Character Designs From: Splatoon

Completed: August 2015

Photography Credit: Amanda Irwin / Elemental Photography

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