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Sierra Boake

Design Notes

This corset was designed as a final project for my corsetry class. The project guidelines were very open--allowing us to build a corset from any time period/fashion style. I decided to design a steampunk inspired ensemble. 

The design for this corset changed very little from the initial concept sketch. I combined inspiration from stays of the 1700s and the hourglass corsets of the 1800s. The lower half is completely symmetrical, while the top piece is purposefully asymmetrical. 

I like the texture of the two silks I picked--a gold dupioni and an orange raw silk--for the fashion layer of the corset combined with the softness of the suede detailing. The eyelets and buckles are in an antique brass colour. I wanted to stay in a warm brass/browns world of colour. The rest of the costume was made of found or purchased clothing. 

Costume: Steampunk

Costume Source: Original Design

Designed By: Sierra Boake

Completed: April 2014

Photography Credit: Mike Kowalek / EleventhPhotograph

Costume Notes

I draped the pattern for this corset to match the design sketch exactly. Having the corset in two pieces--upper and lower--allows for movement in the shoulders. The lower half is heavily boned, to help cinch the waist, while the top is only lightly boned to help it keep shape. The suede detailing was carefully machine stitched on.