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Sierra Boake


Costume: Vaporeon

Costume Source: "Pokémon Gijinkadex"

Designed By: "Cowslip"

Completed: August 2015

Photography Credit: Amanda Irwin / Elemental Photography

Costume Notes

This is a design I discovered on the internet that I fell in love with at first sight. I really wanted to challenge myself to build it. It is from a collection of costume illustrations called the "Pokémon Gijinkadex" which are each loosely inspired on monster characters from the popular series Pokémon. 

It was a challenge from the very outset as finding the multitudes of different shades of fabric in the same tonal range of blue proved difficult. 

All garments were patterned from scratch. The most complicated piece to build was the bolero jacket with the wired collar.

There was much fabric painting involved in the detailing of this costume. The bracers and gloves were all given a scale pattern, which I freehand painted with fabric paint. I did the scale outline in a navy, before adding depth with a deep blue. The legging and arm wraps were stamped with a floral pattern. I custom made the stamps with foam to match the design. 

The wig was originally a very light blue, which I dyed to better match the costume. It has been given a slight gradient, so it is light at the bottom than at the crown.